The Little Things Dad Makes You Do

So I’m sitting here on a Saturday trying to set up this new website and blogsite for the musical. I am NOT a web designer and since I want all of my funds (funds? There are funds for this show?) to go to recording songs etc… the job falls to me.

Since this blog is foremost about our dads a thought came to me as I sit here typing: It was my step-father who insisted my Junior Year in high school that I take typing as an elective. My step-father rarely insisted on anything. He was a quiet man who looked like Abraham Lincoln. If he was missing he could be found somewhere in a corner chair with a book no less thick than the Complete Works of  William Shakespeare.


But my Junior Year he piped up and laid down the quiet law.


This was back when keyboards were the new thing and the class was still mainly filled with electric typewriters. No one knew what Steve Jobs was doing that day.

A small thing? Maybe. But I’m not using my song demo funds to pay a typist. And for that I am grateful.

What was that small thing your dad made you do? That good small (big) thing….


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