A Huge Leap Forward Regardless of Where You Land

I have made the decision to afford myself my first ever bonafide writing retreat. I cannot wait and I have chosen not only a place that I feel very much at home but I also around those who will hold me accountable.

I am going to Nashville to finish Who’s My Girl and to begin recording the demos. This is a very exciting time for me in my life. Why Nashville you ask? Because it’s Nashville! And because my girlfriend said, “Hey why don’t you come out here and stay with us and finish that damn musical of yours. Use my car. Come and go as you please.” That’s why Nashville. You’d go, too. And because I hear there are some, you know, recording studios there…I think. But most importantly because I’m from the South. I feel like fresh cut grass and daisies there and I happen to look good in green. See?

Me on a farm in Nashville

Me with the trees on a farm in Nashville. A Farm! Look! No puffy eyes!

This is the first time I’ve ever done something like this for myself. I hear stories of “writer’s retreats” but that was only for the …other… writers. It was always something they did while I was auditioning, rehearsing, performing… or trying to find a J-O-B.

But I have done this crazy thing called “planning ahead.” Heard of it? It’s FANTASTIC. Now I have all this time to focus on whatever I need to do to be in the mental and material zone by the holidays. It’s really just good ole fashioned goal setting, I guess. I won’t say I’m not good at goal setting. But I will say I’m not always consistent.

All I know is I have X amount of weeks. Oh wait. I can actually count them… that would be 8 1/2 weeks until wheels up and chords down. The actual time there is meant for the rewriting (and “finishing”) the book…and recording the music. <Gulp>

The music portion, the writing of it, so I can do the singing of it, needs to be happening now. (I just felt my stomach turn over. It does that lots these days.) <Flip>

Fleur in LA

LA Reading of Who’s My Girl

I had this dream that I saw review “bites” for the show floating in the air. Good stuff. But after I woke up thinking “Oh My God It’s a SIGN!” I immediately figured my psyche was screwing with me. I better get to work to make that dream real and love it up as much as I can before the inevitable pissing critic comes a callin’.

When I think of recording my own music and lyrics in Nashville (or anywhere) I feel such a sense of accomplishment and well-being. It really is a whole new creative world for me. I’ve sung countless demos for countless composers. I have stacks of CDs with my vocal print on them. But this is the first time I will be singing for myself with words and music of my own. It’s a huge leap forward regardless of where I land.

I am so happy I decided to tell my own story this time. I am so happy to be creating my own work; my own world. That old saying of sitting by the phone and waiting was for rotary phones. It’s a mobile world now.

Stomach flipping or not. It’s time to fly.


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