In The Wake of The Storm: Create

Well this may be an unpopular thing to say but I am grateful to the hurricane because it’s giving me time to sleep, write, compose and record. I say this fully knowing of the victims currently being evacuated from their homes even as I write. I have not forgotten them. I was very very lucky to be on high ground in New York and away from trees, flooding and electrical hazards. So it would be inexcusable for me to loaf around when I spend a lot of time otherwise thinking about how much time I don’t have to sleep, write, compose and record. So I won’t allow this hurricane to come and go in vain. l will continue to create until I go back to work tomorrow. 


Work tomorrow? Singing and making music for the tiny tots and their loved ones who care for them. It’s gonna be a party. Because at that point most of us will have spent 3 days with nowhere to go all pent up indoors. The toddlers are gonna want to party. I’m bringing Halloween with me and we are going to rock it out to Monster Mash and the Witch Doctor. I am going to sing and make music for those who can’t right now.

Until then I will continue to sleep, write, compose and record. 

And pray for those who do not now have a bed, or a pen with which to write (not to mention a computer), an instrument (even if they never held one before), or a voice to record what’s in their heart right now.