Revving Up

Hi Friends,

I have been away too long. But there’s been a lot of change going on. Movin’ yet groovin’. The last news of the show was that I had done my first few demos. You can hear them here on Sound Cloud¬†or here if you are ReverbNation. Listen to Difficult and Where is Your Daddy.

Somewhere between worrying about the fact that I had not been writing on the show and moving across country I realized I needed to not write. Because the show is based on my life there’s an amount of self-realization that needs to happen to get where I want to go. The great news is that the creative juices are beginning to flow again and I’ve had some wonderful (tiny but big) ureka moments.

Stay tuned. Who’s My Girl is rounding third.


First Demos from Who’s My Girl

Here are the first demos from Who’s My Girl. It’s a work in progress and progress is happening. Thanks to Eric Stuart for a great day in the studio (and for letting me use your awesome shaker). These first two were recorded in Nashville. I’m on Guitar and Vocals. Had a great time doing it. More to come.